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The story of one family's time in a Cambodian slum, establishing an innovative ministry caring for over a thousand orphans.

"When Jesus moved from the most exclusive community in the universe to the worst ghetto in the world, seeking out prostitutes, lepers, and children, he sparked revolution in at least one man's life. My own." Craig left a high-flying job to move to Cambodia and set up home with his wife in the Phnom Penh slums. As the poor became their neighbours and their friends,a distinctive ministry began to emerge.

This ministry has transformed the lives of hundreds of children affected by AIDS, and empowered the poor to care for their own orphans. 

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The Biblical Role of the Outsider

As the church has gained a deeper appreciation for the contribution locals can make in reaching their own people, some Christians have understandably lost confidence in the role of Westerners as long term cross-cultural missionaries.

We need to know, does God use outsiders?



30 Creative Ways to Fire Up Your Church for Justice

Are you passionate about God’s heart for the poor? Do you want to help your fellow church members, youth group, co-workers, or schoolmates catch the vision for the beautiful upside-down Kingdom of Jesus? These ideas will help spark people’s imaginations for justice and the poor. Included are links to resources and helpful websites to get you started.

All it takes is one idea to get going. I’m giving you 30.