Jesus was a story-teller.

And I also love to communicate truth through story. I’ve taught in seminaries, stadiums, slum shacks and churches, colleges and universities, festivals, conferences, homeless shelters and small groups. (Hands down favorite: homeless shelter - that's where it gets REAL. And they tell you to shut up and get off the stage if they disagree with you!)

I value keeping a healthy balance between "doing" and "talking about doing" so I limit my travel and discern carefully about each speaking invitation.  I want to be authentic by living out what I write and speak about. After all, "we cannot teach what we do not know, and we cannot lead where we do not go."



“Craig dares you to join Jesus in the trenches, and to reorient your life around the upside-down kingdom of God.”
~ Shane Claiborne, Activist, Speaker and Author

“Craig is one of the most passionate and articulate champions for children and youth. His speaking is an effective combination of inspiring stories, creative elements, and practical principles. When Craig speaks, people listen and then move to action.”
~ Ruslan Maliuta, Founder, World Without Orphans Summit

“Craig is inspiring, thought provoking and challenging all at the same time. His stories of changed lives are powerful and cause many to ask how they too can journey with younger people.”
~ Pastor Margaret Loy, LEAD Conference, Malaysia

“Craig Greenfield is a modern-day St. Francis of Assisi. Whether in one of North America’s poorest zip codes or the slums of Cambodia, he preaches the gospel through his life, not just words.”
~ Pastor Ken Shigematsu, Tenth Church, Vancouver, BC.

“I have walked alongside Craig Greenfield for a couple of decades and can confirm the integrity and commitment of all he develops.”
~ Viv Grigg, Founder, Urban Leadership Foundation  

“A provocative modern-day John the Baptist- preparing the way for Jesus' radical call to be heard and heeded afresh.”
~ Bob Ekblad, Founder, The People’s Seminary


Sample Clips


Sample Topics

  • "GOD'S HEART FOR THE POOR" - When Jesus left the most exclusive gated community in the universe, he deliberately sought out the outcasts, the prostituted woman, the panhandlers and the disabled. We're not all called to move into a slum, so what does Jesus' mission to bring Good News to the poor mean for you and me?

  • "IT TAKES A SPIDER TO REPAIR ITS OWN WEB" - How do we empower local people to transform their own communities? Moving beyond the 'White Savior' era towards truly grassroots local-led ministry by understanding the Biblical roles of insiders and outsiders.

  • "EQUIPPING ONE GENERATION TO REACH THE NEXT" - What will it take to see a grassroots discipleship movement arise from this generation of young people, that will reach the world's most vulnerable children? Inspirational stories and principles from the Alongsiders movement.