Subversive Jesus: an adventure in justice, mercy and faithfulness in a broken world

[Zondervan, April 26, 2016]

You might think that Jesus' most subversive teachings should be systematically laid out in a theological textbook. With plenty of dull footnotes. But Jesus knows well that we are people of story and grit. We need to see theological ideas in messy human form so they can spark something real in our imagination. We need to see other people screw up so we can laugh or weep and then imagine that we might dare to risk failure too.

Subversive Jesus is the story of our experiment in putting the most counter-cultural teachings of Christ into practice. When Jesus says invite the poor for a meal, we welcome homeless friends, local crack addicts, and women from the street corner over for dinner. When Jesus proclaims freedom for the captive, we organize Pirates of Justice flash mobs to protest cruise ship exploitation. When Jesus teaches love for enemies, we make homemade cookies and lemonade for the local drug dealers, and none of them show up! This adventure takes us from the slums of Cambodia to inner city Canada and back again.

Allow our journey to inspire your own. Allow Jesus to subvert what you think you already know. And you'll find that this book becomes an invitation to say yes to this subversive Jesus and do something courageous with your life - for the sake of justice, mercy, and faithfulness in a broken world.  Purchase here: AmazonBarnes & Noble.

Most importantly - purchase the book and support the work of Alongsiders

All author profits from the sale of this book will go to support the work of Alongsiders in reaching out to the world's most vulnerable children. Learn more about Alongsiders here. Purchase here: AmazonBarnes & Noble.


"From the manger to the cross, Jesus announced the ultimate subversion of power -- the last will be first, the first will be last... the mighty will be cast from their thrones and the lowly lifted up.  This book is about that Jesus -- the holy troublemaker, the revolutionary Messiah.  Craig dares you to join Jesus in the trenches, and to reorient your life around the upside-down kingdom of God.  What you have here is nothing short of an invitation to join the revolution of the subversive Savior who was born a refugee in the manger and executed as a rebel on the cross."

~ Shane Claiborne, Activist and Author, Irresistible Revolution

"This book is a wonderful example of the more honest reading and following of Jesus that is invading all of our churches today.  It seems many have come to recognize that the 'churchified' and pious Jesus many of us grew up with had little to do with the man and ministry revealed in the Gospels."

~ Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation

"After a lifetime of living among and working alongside some of the poorest people in the world, Craig Greenfield knows a thing or two about the upside-down nature of the kingdom of God. The subversive Jesus comes riding a donkey, carrying a towel, welcoming children, feeding the hungry, and serving the least. And Craig knows him, really knows him." 

~ Michael Frost, Author, Jesus the Fool

“Craig Greenfield is a prophet of hope calling for an urgent return to embody the subversive memory of Jesus. Craig’s fresh take on old stories are brought to life with new stories of solidarity in friendship. Craig writes with a keen nuance for the substance behind our religious rhetoric, getting to the heart of the issues by showing us the way to live and love in a world of wounds.”

~ Christopher L. Heuertz, Founding Partner of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism and author of Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community.

"Craig Greenfield is a modern-day St. Francis of Assisi. Whether in one of North America’s poorest zip codes or the slums of Cambodia, he preaches the gospel through his life, not just words. This is Craig’s personal story, but as you read it you may discover God’s new call on your own life. User warning: Don't read this book unless you want to be challenged and your life changed. Do read it if you want to be inspired to actually walk in the footsteps of Jesus."   

~ Ken Shigematsu, Pastor and Author, God in My Everything