Check out these videos and podcasts... 

Jesus - in the distressing disguise of the poor

A brief clip explaining how to overcome fear, anxiety and sinfulness.

Kids on the Block

A provocative documentary about intentional Christian community and raising kids in Vancouver's notorious inner city, Downtown Eastside.

An engaging and FUN animated video explaining how Alongsiders International works. Just 1 minute.

Podcast: Emerging Communities Interview with Craig Greenfield

This interview from the Emerging Communities series focusses on Servants Vancouver, as a community in the New Monastic movement. 

The Pirates of Justice (flash mob)

Aaarrghhh! This here be the Pirates of Justice, gathered to protest the pillagin' and lootin' of cruise lines exploitin' their workers for low pay, long hours and no days off.  This protest sparked a number of initiatives including a traveling photo exhibition and TV documentary in the UK.

Alongsiders International - we walk alongside those who walk alone

The next two videos highlight the inspiring stories of Alongsiders, a fast-growing movement of young Christians in the Non-Western world, who have risen above their circumstances to reach out to vulnerable children and orphans in their own communities. See more at