Are you joining us for Flip Flop Sunday?



So here’s the deal…

Across the world, there are millions of neglected and vulnerable children. Today many of those children have a young Christian to walk alongside them - an Alongsider (like a mentor or ‘big brother/sister”). That’s the movement I founded and lead.

But the work is just beginning. We’re working in a dozen countries, with more than 5000 children and youth reached, but we have the potential to reach a lot more needy kids.

So, on October 20, 2019, we’re inviting you to wear flip flops (sandals, slippers, thongs, jandals - or whatever you call them!) to celebrate and support the thousands of Christian youth around the world who walk alongside vulnerable kids in their own communities as Alongsiders. It’s as simple as that! Just wear your flip flops and post a photo online.

We’re calling it Flip Flop Sunday.

This is a super simple and fun way to show your solidarity with vulnerable kids around the world (who usually wear flip flops day in and day out).

When you participate, be sure to post your Flip Flop selfies online to help us raise awareness using the hashtag #FlipFlopSunday or #Alongsiders.

If you participate, you will be paid in smiles and an angel in heaven will name a puppy after you.

If you participate, you will be paid in smiles and an angel in heaven will name a puppy after you.

So, if you’d like to be part of Flip Flop Sunday this year - this is the FIRST year by the way - then check out the website and sign up as an individual, youth group or church.

You’ll receive a password to access your online toolkit in case you want more resources to celebrate with us - including:

  • a 7 day Flip Flop devotional on Jesus and Justice

  • Posters

  • Powerpoint presentation

  • Videos

  • Donation cards

  • and more….

But remember, it can be as simple as just wearing flip flops to church that day and posting a photo online.

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best eh!

Craig Greenfield